06-05-2016 Rev. Beverly Snedecker

Empathy/Compassion for All


Rev. Beverly Snedecker’s Message

“Thus, our religious beliefs don’t mean much if they are not transforming our lives for the better.  [Do we not say “in Christ we are made new?  But are we truly when we don’t allow ourselves to be transformed for the better?}  Inman continues, at the core essence of all faiths is the establishment of peace with the world and the Creator.  In order to counter extremism, we must hold our ground and organize just as effcectively as those who seek to divide us.

“We must rally together and start a revolution of empathy.  We must counter hate with love.  Fear with hope and injustice with justice.”

The quote above was used in the message.  It is from “A Call for Empathy”, www.Patheos.com, June 2, 2016.