03-25-2016 Mouris Yousef

“Persecution of Christians in the Middle East” by Rev.  Mouris Yousef

The Rev. Mouris Yousef, pastor of Elmer Presbyterian Church, will speak at the Greenwich Presbyterian Church Community Lecture Series on Friday March 25 at 7 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.  Rev. Yousef will speak on the persecution of Christians in the Middle East today. His talk replaces the talk “Growing Up In Bacon’s Neck” by Steve Hancock that was originally scheduled for this date.

Rev. Yousef was born and grew up as a Christian in Egypt.  In 1994 he was ordained as a Minister of the Word and Sacrament by the Egyptian Presbyterian Church.  In 2003, Rev. Yousef and his family immigrated to the USA where he has been a member of the Presbytery of West Jersey since 2009.  He has been the pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Elmer since February 2012 and recently led a 17-day mission trip to Egypt where participants visited with 25 Egyptian pastors and worked to establish a ministry partnership between the Elmer church and two small Egyptian congregations.

Rev. Yousef is married to Margaret Yousef, a mechanical engineer who was also born and grew up in a Christian home in Egypt.  They are the parents of a son Moshier ~ 13 years old, and a daughter Miral ~ 11 years old.

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