Our History

The Story of Us and the History of the Shoe Tree

No one knows exactly when God called the people of Greenwich to form a Presbyterian Church. It is known that in 1708 a Reverend Black left here to minister to the people around Lewes Delaware. So we can say that circa 1707, there must have been a small congregation to support the cost of a pastor.

In 1740 there was a fire in the home of Rev. Gould and the session minutes book and other records were lost. The Rev. and Mrs. Gould were here at the beginning of the building of the brick church in the old cemetery. When it was finished it was the largest building in Salem County and included a carved, walnut pulpit that had been ordered from Boston.

Also in 1740 the great evangelist George Whitfield came to this site to preach. The meeting was held in a nearby field where 3,000 were filled with the Holy Spirit and convinced of the “Great Awakening”.

For more than 100 years a majestic white oak watched over the religious ebb and flow of the congregation. It became known as the Shoe Tree where those traveling by foot or horse would change from their everyday shoes to their Sunday best before entering the church. Unfortunately, the tree was damaged in 1985.