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Dear Members and Friends of GPC,

As you may have heard we are excited to be starting ”The Story,” this coming Sunday, Sept. 25 in our worship service. It is a curriculum that presents the Bible in chronological order and reads like a novel.  We have copies of this amazing book for free just waiting for you at the church.

Each week the curriculum has some food for thought for pastors to send to their congregations.  This is the first of those 31 messages:

If you think Genesis is just a band from the ‘80’s….

If you think it was Dr. Doolittle who took two of each animal into a big boat…

If you think an epistle is a woman married to an apostle…

 …you may need to know more of “The Story.”

 You may be a bit intimidated by the Bible. You’re not alone; many people are.  And no wonder, its pages mention odd names like Jehoshaphat and Nebuchadnezzar.  It contains accounts from places you’ve probably never heard of and it seems to be made of of a lot of different, seemingly unrelated stories.  But it really is one big, exciting story.

 You can easily see it if you open your Bible to the beginning and then flip all the way to the end.

 The first words found in Genesis 1:1 read: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Then, if you turn all the way to the back of the book, Revelation 21:1 you find, “Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away.”

I think that’s pretty cool and I hope you will, too. So please think about joining us on Sunday mornings for 31 weeks (with breaks for Advent and Lent) as we explore this unique look into God’s story which is our story, too!


Pastor Beth

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